appealing for new venue or use of land

for children with special needs and their siblings too, 

improving the future outcome of the family, 

currently appealing to another venue or use of land.

We are looking for funding/donation  to require our own land, a place of green grass, crisp clean air and the sounds of nature, This past last year has taught us the wise council of having our own solid foundation space in a suitable area.

We desire

 a piece of unloved, overgrown, neglected  piece of land and build an natural wood log cabin, the log cabin is to be the home to our sensory equipment, for the last 2 years we have fought and fundraised for our sensory equipment with some success, success of an interactive colouring changing ball pit, interactive double bubble tube corner with double fibre optics, infinity mirror, an interactive panel,  an fibre optic cascade, and curtains, 

Sensory equipment is currently very expensive but we scoured the uk and purchased cheap or broken equipment and restored it to it former glory, we believe sensory play should be made accessable to all whom need it, not just those who may afford it, the log cabin will be plastered in Pure finish an innovative new product Which takes the toxins out of the air all the while the children play and socialise, reducing overloading their systems, we would also like to create a sensory play garden, with natural wooden play apparatus which promotes peer or sibling partnership play but doesn't also exclude solidarity play (should the child need it at the time) and of course simulates all the senses in a positive play way,  our land will be an creative space for imagination to be nurtured and explored, 

but also an down to earth friendly safe compassionate place where parents can laugh, share and support each other to prevent the cold grip of isolation and all that comes with it. 

Please If you care about autism, if you have a child with autism, if you are a grandparent of a child with autism, if you work with children with autism or you are an individual with autism  yourself than please help us every small step brings us forward.