Choosing a school


all schools are as individual as your child

Choosing the right school for your child is probably one of the most important and crucial decisions that you as a parent has to make.

Autism Isolation No More believe the first interactions with learning and engagement will set the precedent for Learning for the rest of their lives.

We all want our children to flourish and to be the best individuals they can be, we want school to inspire and to be enjoyed by all.

Mainstream, Special or specialist unit within a mainstream school?

This decision can only be made by you the main care giver, it is important to consider all options but ultimately this has to be your decision because you know your child best.

You as a parent should attend visits to each of these categories above so you can provide a very informed decision. 

It is also advisable to take a friend, partner or relative with you who also knows the child well. 

As you will probably be engaged with a member of staff asking questions, your friend or relative they could be simply observing what's going on around you, Do the child look happy? 

are they engaging in set activities, are there clear class routines visible etc  

Good questions to ask?

Does the school have a person solely responsible for children on the Autistic Spectrum?

(if they do make a note or name and contact details)

Does the school encourage peer to peer relations, if so how?

Will all staff be made aware of your children's condition and how to appropriately interact with them including lunch staff, visiting persons etc, 

if so how? 

Does the school have teachers with knowledge and skills in the education of children with autistic spectrum? if so would your child be placed with them and ask for an estimated period of time.

How would the school assess sensory issues for your child?

Has the school got a quiet area? 

Has the school got a sensory room?

How will the school prepare your child for transition to another class, activity or next school?

Does the school use visual timetables?

Do any members of staff have Makkaton training?

Does the school provide any workshops for you as parents to attend to strengthen core learning practices ie reading etc

Does the school have structured lunch and break times for your child with autistic spectrum?

Does the school have lessons on life skills ie self-care, cooking, road safety.

In the event of an school fire drill or other, is there a designated quiet area away from the crowds of the other pupils to go and a designated person to attend with your child?

Does the school support your child's social and emotional well-being as well as their academic progress?

Does the school have an up to date safeguarding policy?

Will you be entitled to transport?

What is the main form of communication between the school and yourself? 

Does the school have local links with playschemes and support groups? 

We at autism isolation no more do hope that this information has been helpful for you and that you do get the schooling of your choice.

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