Equal opportunities policy


inclusion for all

autism isolation no more aim to ensure that all of its volunteers are equally irrespective of disability, race, colour, religion or religious belief, nationality, ethnic origin, age sex, marital status or sexual orientation. This policy sets out instructions that all volunteers are required to follow in order to ensure that this is achieved.


There shall be no discrimination or harassment on account of disability, race, colour, religious belief, nationality, ethnic, age, sex, marital status or sexual orientation.

Autism isolation no more shall appoint, train, develop  and promote on the basis of merit and ability.

Volunteers have a personal responsibility for the practical application of companies equal opportunity policy, which extends to the treatment of members of the public and other volunteers.

managers and supervisors who are involved in the recruitment selection, promotion and training of employees have special responsibility for the practical application of the company equal opportunity policy.

The grievance procedure is available is available to any volunteers who believe that they may have been unfairly discriminated against.

disciplinary action under the disciplinary procedure shall be taken against any volunteer who is found to have committed an act of unlawful discrimination. discriminatory conduct and harassment shall be regarded as gross misconduct.

If there is any doubt about appropriate treatment under the company equal opportunities policy, volunteers should consult the personnel manager. 


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