for the parents or grandparents

what an perfect excuse to connect with your friends or family whom you haven't seen in a while and for a good cause

for the children, an Treasure Hunt

an family friendly activitiy that you can do in your back yard, with you local neighbours children and families, 

for the guys and girls

Grab your favourite retro consoles, borrow some screens and let the games begin at your very own gaming event,  

for local Businesses

As we our a start up charitable org we are always looking to make local links to businesses, services for awareness and support 

Do you an an unique skill or idea?

Here at autism isolation no more we love  ideas  that are unique and personal to you, if you have an unusual idea, something you always wanted to do but needed an excuse to do it, lets us know

for schools

How about an sensory woodland walk, 

you could get the children to touch all the diffent textures of the woodland them or a sensory dance, get creative