Hampshire joint carers strategy

Introduction and vision

This strategy explains how adult social care, health organisations and the voluntary sector with work together with the carers over the next five years to coordinate easily accessible support for carers across Hampshire. The first chapter explains how we define who is a carer and what our vision is for carers in Hampshire, together with how the strategy has been developed and next steps.

Carers Charter they have developed a carers charter based on four key principles for supporting carers. Their aim is for all organisations that work with carers to adopt the charter (which we have) and promote its principles. If you work with carers, they encourage all to display this charter in your workplace.  

key Aims: Identifying and recognising carers many people who help and support a family member or friend do not recognise themselves as carers in Hampshire, This means that they miss out on support that is available to them.

key Aims: Carers physical health and emotional wellbeing 

Carers are at an increased risk of poor physical and mental health because they often put the needs of the person they care for before their own. 

key Aims: Having a life alongside caring 

Access to employment, education and leisure are key parts of having a life alongside caring. These opportunites enable carers to enjoy good physical health and emotional wellbeing and prevent social isolation. 

key Aims: Young carers and adult young carers 

For carer aged under 25, caring responsibilities are more likely to impact their physical health, emotional wellbeing and opportunities for social interactions. The type of care that they provide can also sometimes be inappropriate for their age. For young adult carers aged 16-25, there is also a risk that caring could negatively affect their opportunities for education and employment.

key Aims: Seldom heard carers 

The strategy is committed to identifying and recognising people with caring responsibilities who do not think of themselves as carers , to ensure that all carers are aware of the information and support that is available to them. 

key Aims: Carers Directory This is a short directory containing just some of the resources and organisations there are available to carers, such as online information guides, care technology, personal assistants in care, carers assessments and support from Hampshire country council.

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