What is hypervilegence

Hyper-vigilance is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviour whose purpose is to detect threats in your environment 

( and hopefully eliminate them before they come to pass) 

or a belief that you need to remain alert at all times in case an impending danger comes along. 

Hyper-vigilance is also accompanied by increased anxiety, 

you feel like you are on 

"guard duty 24hrs a day" ready to make your move if you have too, 

It can make you feel tense, jumpy and a general unease which can leave you eventually feeling exhausted.

What can cause hyper-vigilance?

To name but a few

• feelings of being judged/criticised/ fear of blame 

• anticipation/ fear of uncertainty 

• sense of abandonment by peers/family 

• nightmares/ flashbacks of past trauma 

• emotional distress/ arguments/shouting

Possible emotional responses to hyper-vigilance.

• withdrawal or shut down 

(non-participation ) 

• incessant worrying and remunerating

• anger

• spiral of negative thinking 

• Inability to make a concrete decision 

• emotional intensity and out-bursts

Once you have a better understanding of triggers to hyper-vigilance you can actively try to reduce its impact

• allowing yourself moments of stillness, where you can efficiently be off duty 

• avoid any high risk stress situations ( where possible) 

which is likely to trigger hyper-vigilance. 

• validating your emotions 

I.e. I feel like this because................

( not shutting them away for another day) 

• expressing yourself 

i.e. Being heard and listened too, placing boundaries 

• any relaxation and mindfulness techniques

We feel that a lot of our parents/ individuals experience this off and on throughout their lives.