nature play therapy

The reason Autism Isolation No More use the term "nature play therapy" is because the parents have to be proactive in their approach, some sessions will be more successful than others, the trick is to persist, in order to achieve successful outings you must consider the environmental conditions.

Is the sun to bright?

Is the wind too strong?

Is the area safe? 

Are they multiple points of entry or exits?

The more relaxed you are 

about the situation, the more enjoyable the experience for the child, and any siblings. 

BENEFITS, so what are the benefits of nature play therapy?

It can reduce stress/anxiety

Can help increase attention span

Helps expel excess energy

Helps with expanding the imagination play 

Helps with desensitising to the environment around them

Provides vitamin D intake

Promotes positive social experience and 

Helps develop strength/coordination/fine/gross and motor skills 

For optional results we would suggest early evening with a calm breeze and setting sun, 

Can reduce attention deficit hyperactivity